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About Us

IBO International Brands Online GmbH

IBO is a German based joint venture between one of the largest global operating textile groups and one of the leading players in the field of full service e-commerce business and digital sale. It is specialises in private label fashion clothing.
The IBO is a fully vertically integrated apparel company that controls the complete supply chain from design over manufacturing, e-commerce to end to end customer logistics and many steps more.
In this context the IBO occupies various business units, which we would like to bring closer to you on this site.

Highest quality standards and a customer-firendly price model in compliance with ethical, legal and market oriented requirements and guidelines.

We Create Collections

We create together with our customers a collection plan considering all market and trend releveant aspects.
By developing products together with our clients, we lay the foundation for success.

We Build Brands

We create our own relevant to the market brands and also brands for our clients.

Fast Operations

Because of our full supply chain control we are able to operate fast in targeting trends, developing products and bringing it to the market.


Our clients benefit from the knowledge of our group in e-commerce, logistics, client services and online marketplace handling

Our Business Units

Our Brands

We own different fashion private labels for different target audiences. All our brands are managed over the relevant online marketplaces.

Wholesale & Production

IBO is a design manufacturing company. We know the requirements of a successful and sustainable manufacturing process. On this basis we develop and manufacture your products together with you

Your e-Commerce Platform

IBO Connects international manufacturer brands to european based e-commerce platforms. We also import your stock to europe. While you take care of the supply of your stock we take care of all ecommerce activities of your brand.


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Brand Benefits

Your brand benefits with IBO.

More Turnover
New markets / new customers
Internationalitation of your brand

Why choose IBO

> IBO connects you with millions of customers on marketplaces in europe

> IBO makes your products more visible to buyers, increasing your sales potential

> IBO’s international solutions empower your business the expand across Europe. 

We know the business

We are operating on the leading market places in europe with lot’s of brands.

Only with the listing on a market place it is not longer done today.

Marketplaces now acount for at least 50% of e-commerce and are characterized by above-average groth rates. They invest a lot in their own brand and the brand xperience with the declared goal of presnting as many  strong brands as possible on their platform.

Every market place can be used for branding and lifting up our brand performance.

We Make It Easy For You

Presenting your brand successfully on different platforms means complex processes and a lot of work. Therefore: Just leave it to us.

IBO is your single point of contact.

Our Model

How IBO Process

Services Which We Provide

Marketplace Consulting Integration

Contractual Agreement know-how and interface competence are the most important prerequisites for a functioning integration of your products on the individual platforms.


To present your products in an appeating way and in accordance to the marketplace requirements, we create everything around your product.
All products discriptions, selling points, textes, keywords and pictures are made by us.

Logistics and Delivery

We handle all logistic & delivery processes for you from import to end customer logistic.
We take care of all fulfillment processes

Customer Service

IBO takes care of your customers. We make it easy for you and your customers. Our goal is to give your customer the complete care package.
We are always available for your customers


As a professional partner for ecommerce accounting we offer you the full service around your ecommerce sales.

Performance Reporting

To tap the full potential of your brand we analyse all sale processes for you and give you a daitled monthly performance report about your brand.

Additional Brand Awareness Services


As a service, we design marketplace directed e-commerce webshop/website for your brand.
We operate and take care of your products.


As a service we create your brands lookbook in accordance with european standards.

Ads and Platform Marketing

As a service we create and manage your spnsored products, landig pages or media package campaigns to scale the full potential of your brands products.

Social Media

As a service we manage your social media content Instagram and Facebook based on your goals.

Partnership with clear roles


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